Thursday, September 22, 2016

Small, Special Moments

It was wizened with age, scarred from historic battles and lying by the doorway of a popular take-out rib joint. The big orange cat barely glanced at us as we approached. But when Bob reached down to let it sniff his hand, the cat responded warmly, rubbing and purring.

Then it walked over to me, collapsing on my right foot and embracing my ankles with both soft paws. It looked up at me and purred as I reached down to pet it. And it made my day.

Just as when...

An old and very dear friend writes a email filled with warm encouragement...

A stranger reaches out a hand to help one climb a high curb...

A child on the beach looks up from digging in the sand with the gift of a radiant smile...

A friend's dog wants to cuddle...

A snail mail letter arrives from a someone special, standing out amid all the junk mail and bills....

A faint wisp of a memory makes one smile...

A lovely moment of connection happens with an acquaintance on the way to becoming a friend...

A spontaneous hug -- just when you need it the most...

Someone treasured and dear says "I love you!"

There are so many moments that bring such blessings to our lives.

And today my blessing was a sweet orange cat lounging on the stoop of the rib joint. Its sweetness and affection was such a joy.

It may have simply been hoping for a share of our upcoming take-out order.

But I prefer to think that this elderly orange cat was an angel of sorts,  blessing us with a moment of pure happiness and reminding us that love and beauty are abundant in so many small moments of our lives.


  1. Yes! Beautifully written and so inspiring.

  2. Oh, the sweetness of being "awake". Embraced by the tender rays of the golden age of a wise sun. To be able to experience aging and it's blessed touch of wisdom is a I express gratitude for everyday. Thank you Dr. Kathy for your blessings of precious words....x Irene

  3. Yes, sometimes the dearest blessings come unexpected but are always welcome.
    I thought for a moment you were going to take the cat home and in a way you did by sharing his gift.

    1. It would have been a real temptation, but the cat had a collar and bell so it had a home and family. And what I didn't mention is that we're in Hawaii -- so transporting a new cat home would be difficult. But that cat sure was wonderful. We've been looking for him every day since and haven't seen him. So he was just a blessing for that moment!

  4. Oh what a wonderful post and how TRUE it is... Those little moments can be the most special of ALL. I need to keep telling myself to take time and call a friend, or write a note to someone, or just let them know that I care. Those little things mean so much...

    Yes---that cat was the angel sent to you all just at the correct time... OH--how we love those special little moments.


  5. What a sweet moment. It was lovely to read about it and reminds me of times my own cat appears out of nowhere with an affectionate rub.