Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Christmas Mystery

It seemed too big a risk.

Were we up to the challenge?

Would it be possible to keep our Christmas tree upright and intact this year? 

It is, after all, our kitten Hammie's first Christmas.

Memories of Christmas past are fresh and daunting. Even our sweet Gus caused Christmas havoc back in the day.

                                                    Gus' first Christmas in 1998

But now, at 14, he does little but sleep and purr, preferably snuggled up to a friend.

                                            Gus with Hammie - December 2012

And Maggie and SweetPea love to look at the Christmas tree, but know to keep their paws off.

                                     Maggie and SweetPea: A Well-Behaved Duo

With all these well-behaved role models, we decided it was worth the risk of putting up the tree this year. And we were encouraged by Hammie's reaction: interest but restraint. He liked to sit near the tree, but never once, while we were admiring it together, did he venture close to the tree or the ornaments.

                                 Hammie: Six months old and a model of restraint

Bob and I were so confident that all was well, we went down to the street for a visit with our friends Phyllis and Wally, leaving Hammie still relaxing on the couch, enjoying the tree.

When we came home, we noticed something strange.  The tree skirt that Bob's mother made for us some years ago, that is usually curled around the base of the tree as shown below, was missing!

                                                Exhibit A: The Tree with Tree Skirt

                                    Exhibit B: Scene of the Crime - a Bare Tree Stand                                                         
 True detectives, we followed the trail of evidence:

      And this led us directly to the Tree Skirt Thief:

                                                        Hammie the Tree Skirt Thief

                                    Mug Shot: The Culprit - Guilty As Charged

Wishing you and yours a wonderful, joyous Christmas Holiday!                                       


  1. That skirt was probably waiting for a cat to belong to.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! He's smart one, that Hammie! Merry Christmas!

  3. What a smart Hammie! It probably had wonderful smells of you and Bob on it. Cute that he curled up near Bob's guitars. Can't get mad at that little mischief maker! Pat

  4. Over 40 years of Christmas trees we have had our fair share of tree climbers and with it, righting the tree up again, redecorating, etc. Our boys now are not tree climbers and after the first 24 hours, they are pretty much not interested.

  5. And the same to you and Bob, Kathy. Cats and Christmas trees don't mix, as I know from bitter experience.:-)

  6. So now you know what to give Hammie for Christmas. No need to wrap - it's fine just the way it is!

    We have two yearling cats in our household this Christmas, and neither one is particularly interested in the (real) tree. We used to have a red cat, though, who loved to lie under it. We could barely get the gifts under there. Cats are much like kids - they all have their personal likes and dislikes.

    Happy Holidays, Kathy! Thank you for your heartwarming and helpful writing!

  7. Oh my. Last year we had a nice big tree and we were three rooms away from it when our cat zoomed in, sat, and had a tongue on one innocent paw BEFORE we heard the crash.

  8. Merry Christmas Kathy to you and your family.
    Hope you are enjoying days of peace and health
    and warmth of spirit.

  9. Oh how cute! Merry, merry to all the creatures, great and small.

  10. I love this! Well, it's still standing and that is a plus! And isn't it nice to know the treasured tree skirt is loved so much by the newest member of your family? How this makes me smile!