Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Memories

As Christmas Eve dawns, I'm surrounded and warmed by Christmas memories.

And not just the memories of childhood Christmases with the eager anticipation of Santa, the warm presence of Aunt Molly with her gifts always chosen with such loving care or the beauty of the Latin Mass on Christmas morning and singing carols along with the liturgy.

But also tangible memories that are with us still.

Our Christmas tree is festive with the ornaments Bob's parents made with such care during the first decade of our marriage.

                                                    Our Christmas Tree - 2011

Each of the ornaments, handmade by Bob's parents, now gone many years, come in many varieties.


                                           Some are tiny stuffed animals and dolls


                                    Some are tiny and beautiful needlepoint creations.

                                      Some were made to add sparkle to the tree

                                 And one, made by Bob's mother the last Christmas of
                                 her life, says a poignant "Goodbye"

And out in the casita, my writing office, that sits in front of our house, Aunt Molly's little fiber-optic Christmas tree that decorated her living room during the last decade of her life is ready to sparkle for all to see once again.

                                                    Molly's Little Christmas Tree

Our lives are filled with traditions and memories from our Christmas photo album:

                                    Gus always inspects the tree, this picture from 1998

                                   There is fun and laughter - in this picture, from 1999,
                                  Aunt Molly, Timmy and I enjoy the holiday together

                                    Friends come to carol - Christmas Eve 2010

                                 Warmth. love and togetherness fill our happy home
                                 Gus (l) with his late brother Timmy, Christmas 1998

May your holiday season be filled with warm memories, joy, friends, family and beloved pets and may your hearts be filled with love and peace!     


  1. How wonderful to have ornaments hand-made by people you love! Merry Christmas to you, Dr. K. Here's to warm memories.

  2. Your photos have really brought a smile to my face! I too have a special collection of ornaments and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of yours. Happy Christmas to you and Bob, Kathy...

  3. You have such beautiful Christmas memories, and I loved hearing about some of them. Christmas is truly a joyous time --when we can spend it with family/friends...

    Merry Christmas to YOU.

  4. I loved that photo of Gus and Timmy! My tree is much like yours, filled with memories -- things my mom made, ornaments picked up on travels, gifts from Rick and friends, and some golden oldies made by me! Almost every ornament has some meaning -- even if I simply bought it because it reminded me of someone or I just liked it! It's like wrapping the absent friends and family around me. I love that.

    My Christmas greetings are late ones, so Happy Boxing Day -- and I hope with all my heart your holiday was lovely indeed!

  5. How nice to have so many handmade ornaments. I treasure those kind of things and the memories they hold. Many of yours reminded me of ornaments made by a former next door neighbor of mine. She taught me how to do tatting. I hadn't thought of her for a long time, and enjoyed the thoughts of her your ornaments triggered.

    I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

  6. Happy holidays, Kathy. I am so grateful to have found your writings!

  7. A lovely Christmas post, Kathy, sharing your much-loved Christmas decorations. No tree for us nowadays, as we are always away for the festivities. i hope you had a wonderful time.