Monday, October 25, 2010

Let's Make Life's Second Half the Best!

Reaching midlife or beyond is a unique experience today. It isn't about rocking chairs and not so funny over the hill jokes. You may be at the top of your game professionally or starting over in a new career or actively planning for retirement. You may be an empty nester or have a nest full of late life children, grandchildren or adult kids returning home.

Relationships matter tremendously at this stage of life, whether you want to bring new sizzle to a cherished long marriage, find a life partner, be a loving parent to your growing or grown children, discover new friends or nurture old ones and make the best of your own emotional and physical health, sexuality and dreams for the future.

I'm Dr. Kathy McCoy and I'd like to walk this road with you.  This blog covers many aspects of the challenges and joys of midlife and beyond.

On one level, I'm a professional -- a psychotherapist and book author (see About Me).

On another more important level, I'm like you: learning and loving and growing through the transitions of the second half of life.  I've learned a lot from life's ups and downs, from my patients, my friends and my family.  I'd like to join with you in making the most of these very special years!

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