Monday, September 11, 2017

From Parents and Adult Children Comments to This!

There have been three major surprises since I started this blog in October 2010:

1. How dear some fellow bloggers would become to me as we shared our thoughts and our stories in our blogs and comments on each other's blogs.

2. The fact that my posts on parents and adult children would be, by far, the most read and commented upon of all my blog offerings.

3. How the poignant and unforgettable comments on these posts inspired me to write a new book: WE DON'T TALK ANYMORE: HEALING AFTER PARENTS AND THEIR ADULT CHILDREN BECOME ESTRANGED. The book, written for BOTH parents and adult children, will be published by Sourcebooks on October 3 and would never have happened but for your comments on "When Parents and Adult Children Become Strangers", a post I wrote in 2012 that is still, on a daily basis, my most-read post ever.
Now the book's publisher is making a special offer to readers who pre-order the book BEFORE October 3 from, and several other online retailers: a free PDF workbook to personalize the book for you. With the workbook, you can identify the major issues between you and your adult children or, if you're an adult child estranged from your parent or parents. There are exercises to discover your major issues, find the best ways for you to reconnect or to build a new life for yourself.

How do you get this special offer? Click on this link:


My heartfelt thanks to all my fellow bloggers for your friendship and encouragement and to all my readers and followers, especially those leaving comments on my parents and adult children posts. 

This book happened because of you!


  1. I find there are many in a situation where they could benefit from your book. It is sad when estrangement occurs. I know your book will be helpful.

    1. Thanks, Sally! I agree that estrangement is very sad and hope this will be helpful to those going through such a crisis.

  2. I shared this post with an empty nesters group on FB. I hope it will help some of the moms in the group. Congrats on the book!

    1. Thanks so much -- both for your congratulations and for kindly spreading the word!

  3. Hello Dr. Kathy
    I have so missed coming by here and keeping up with you. Congrats on your book. Excited that it is published and on Amazon. Of course I cant wait to rea it and tell my friends about it.
    I miss blogging but mostly I miss the friendship and connections I found here in blog land.
    Just yesterday I found a new internet service for out here in the North Forty so I hope to at least visit blogs if I don't ever start mine up again.
    Hope you are well. I have missed you