Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Suddenly, I feel sorry for the Snowbirds: those traveling folk who winter in Arizona and otherwise live elsewhere. I've never felt they got a particularly great deal: Arizona gets cold in the winter! No one lingers in our gorgeous beach entry recreational pool with its chilly water. Golf takes a generous mix of dedication and stoicism as Arctic winds whip over our greens. People in this part of the state may not be shoveling snow, but we're turning up our thermostats and hunkering down this week for a record cold snap.

How cold?

Predictions are for overnight temperatures ranging from 19-23 F for the next five days.

Bring out the burlap! Our occasional ritual of wrapping our fragile citrus trees in burlap and sheets has begun. We're capping our more vulnerable cactus plants and throwing tarps over flower beds. We're wrapping up water pipes.

We're ready for winter Arizona-style.

                                       A decidedly different view from our patio

                                          Our newly ghostly backyard  

                                     New use for our leftover Christmas cups   

                                   Next door neighbor Larry gets his yard ready       

                          Joe and Marsha's yard is well-prepared for frosty nights          

I just got an email from my dear friend Tim, basking in an unseasonably warm Chicago (mid-50's), and happily advising us to stay warm. He gleefully offered to send us some flannel undergarments for our ordeal.

We may not be quite ready for long winter underwear, but some things might help on this cold night.

Hot chocolate or steaming mugs of coffee.

Cozy quilts.

A warm cat -- or four -- as the cats recoil from their favorite screen doors in favor of huddling together on our bed.

                                  Bob settling in with some wonderfully warm cats 

And, of course, we have each other. Hmmm...chocolate, quilts, cats and each other.

We're grateful for all we share on this bright, cold, star-lit night.

                                          It's going to be a four-cat night!                        


  1. Oh boy 47 . I guess thats fahrenheit. Here in BC it Reached freezing level north of the US border. Sometimes it is warmer here than in Washington state. Mount Baker stays snow ridden all year round.But when the dogs refuse to go out, you know it's cold.
    Today I put a sweater on my little dog and she ventured out to pee but then ran inside the house to do the other to my chagrin. I wonder about dry and humid cold all the time.
    Seems Montreal has humid cold and it's not that cold as opposed to Toronto which is dry cold and goes through all the layers of your clothing. That's COLD!lol

  2. I had to smile at the use of the cups~ and the Winter Texans are flooding in down here. We have the heaters on in the AM and the AC's on in the PM. Crazy weather. Stay warm!

  3. Wow---what a life!!!! Even if it's cold in Arizona, it looks as if you two have a wonderful life in your gorgeous home with your four adorable cats....

    It's been extremely warm here lately. We have broken records ---and we also have had LOTS of rain.. I am one who loves winter --and doesn't care for this 'spring' stuff in January... ha ha

    Guess one never knows about Mother Nature ---but we all just have to do the best to live through it.... Right????

    Happy 2013.

  4. Four cat night - love that reference :)

    I had no idea it got that cold in Arizona. Our weather in Atlanatic Canada has bounced between -17 C and 5 C for the last three weeks! (that's 1.4 F to 41 F)

    Keep warm!

  5. We are at 13 this morning and I am trying to decide if I want to venture out which I probably will because I need to go see my hubby at the nursing home. I am a little more mobile then what I use to be for which I am thankful. We went from 58 down to our cold weather. At least the snow stayed south and east of us. Stay warm. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  6. Cold here in eastern Oregon too. I'm looking out the window at a frost covered landscape. I'm heading to Texas later this week... Ihope the cold doesn't follow me.

  7. Thank you so much for all your kind words on my blog. It means the world to me. Thanks, so much and stay warm!!!

    God Bless~

  8. People ask me what it is like in Tucson in the winter. I am always a little puzzled that they don't realize that it is winter in Arizona too...we do not live 6 month south or near the equator! In fact, because I am from Oregon, I find myself wearing cool weather clothing the year around. Strange but true!


  9. Cold enough for the cats to huddle on the bed? Sissies! Our cats know all about cold, they still go stalking at night, in the snow.

    Except that we don’t have any, snow, that is, or cats. But we used to have both.

    Keep warm and cosy. i like the idea of all cuddling up together.

  10. Wow you are experiencing some cold temps. Texas is getting a lot of it too and we are catching up on the rain guages a little.
    I miss the sunshine but should not ever complain about the much needed rain.
    If you have time please come by and read my post I did tonight. I got a bad comment from someone that has me wondering if I wrote an ugly post which was not my intentions at all. Let me know what you think.


  11. Gosh that's colder than we're getting, Kathy and we have snow! I do hope your plants survive. Sadly in our old stone house it's also cold inside and I'm typing this swathed in layers of sweaters. Brr!

  12. The Dixie cups are brilliant! I do love those cacti! And you know, there is nothing like a four-cat night! I've only had two at once, but four would be just divine! Hang in there -- it's cocoa time!